It is a brand that originated in the need to express one's own, individual style. It has been created by three independent, crazy, and definitely different sisters, who seek beautiful things, but in a certain style - their own style. And this is what MISS QUOTE is about. Products from this brand not only add glamour but also remind us about the most important things in life. Who we are, what makes us different, and what makes us smile - a talisman of sorts.


The jewellery we create is what we always dreamt of but couldn't find her in our home market. Minimalist, referencing the latest trends and - most importantly - very personal. The brand initials - MQ - were used to create the cat image and it's the cat that expresses the character of our brand, while at the same time forming a recognisable logo. MQ jewellery is so close to our hearts that we really care about maintaining the highest quality. It is thus made from the highest grade silver, generously gilded so it won't lose its shine. We want it to be with you every day, no matter how you are dressed and what you are doing today. Thinking about our clients we have also created a collection for men, and in the near future, also for children. If for you, like us, care about words, quotes, mantras and messages, we are convinced that you have found the right place. All we have to add is: have fun with us and express your style - and yourself - with MISS QUOTE!